Guataca is worldwide promotional platform for Venezuelan musicians

Project Background

In 2015, I partook in the Guataca project by providing strategic advisory services in marketing and outreach. My goal was to structure a sustainable and successful brand platform to support and promote Venezuelan musical talents around the globe.

The solution I created for Guataca

I helped the business group behind Guataca’s initiative to transform their cultural initiative into a social turn program. This new category in the art field encompasses socially engaged artistic practices, like music, to create and design solutions in the form of models and programs with the purpose of closing a cultural gap and to produce substantial and sustainable changes within the community. This practice poses the community members as the key actors that makes the transformation possible and effective through different levels of involvement, commitment, and participation. This form of art is collaborative per se and focuses on constructive and sustainable social change actions.

During 2015, I provided advisory services and assistance in the creation of a marketing and outreach infrastructure to position Guataca’s brand in the market as an international scenario for talented Venezuelan musicians. The strategy I designed gave Guataca the communicational power needed to achieve market penetration and to develop its business model.

About the Strategic Design Service

In the initial stages of this project, I focused on the clarification of Guataca’s brand concept and philosophy. I worked closely in participation with Guataca’s founders and board of directors, in building a strong identity foundation and system of beliefs that enabled a sustainable social development model.

I designed the guidelines to empower the brand, creating key messages to make their communication clearer for their audiences, along with providing a set of marketing tools, and tactics, to identify and develop strategically their brand assets.

One of the most important strategic tools I implemented for this project was the creation of a cohesive and coherent narrative sustainable in time. This way, the brand can build long-term value every time that it makes a memorable contact with a prospective consumer or supporter.

Guataca’s mission is to create success stories for the extraordinary talented musician to shine in an international scenario while promoting Venezuelan cultural heritage. Every time the brand establishes contact with its audience, Guataca is creating cultural value.

In the final stages of this initial advisory phase, I accompanied Guataca’s team to introduce and build an internal brand culture to support all the strategic innovations implemented in the day-by-day operations. This way I ensured that the solution I provided consolidates in a long-lasting internal and external loyal relationship based on their shared beliefs and values.

About the Design Journey

The first stage of the project was conducted in the last quarter of 2015. I worked hard with Guataca’s group in a process of analysis-diagnosis to identify areas of opportunity that would allow us to discover the best path to reach the goals they set. We moved from defining Guataca’s purpose to a tactic plan.

Some of the advisory services I provided are brand architecture design, brand concept, brand positioning, storytelling, marketing plan, and easy-to-implement guidelines. All these strategic parameters allowed me to create for Guataca a clear path for transforming customers into advocates of Guatac’as cause, and them into program supporters and investors.

I delivered a three-year strategic/tactical plan for marketing and outreach plans, along with planting the seed for first-class brand culture growth.

A Story of Success

In January 2016, in parallel to their new brand development process, Guataca’s directors called me again to help them in the creation of a sustainable business model to enable the development of the program. As a solution, I designed a mix of PR, events, crowdfunding, and sponsorship programs. The fund was designed to financially sustain the main international stages, to produce original music, and support independent artist’s projects.

Today, Guataca’s story of success gathers the incubation of a new generation of Latin Grammy Venezuelan producers and musicians.

Value Proposition Guataca

Guataca’s Overview

Young, exceptionally talented Venezuelan artists have started their careers on the stages of “Noches de Guataca.” Guataca connects Venezuela’s main cities with the world throughout multiple venues, in an extraordinary touring circuit that features intimate concerts for 150 people. More than 500 musicians and 180 annual concerts prove that the purpose of Guataca is to consolidate an international space for Venezuelan music genres. Guataca has opened its international platform with top-class shows in major world cities, such as Miami, New York, Barcelona, and Madrid.

Amongst the list of Guataca’s hits are: Linda Briceño’s album, Time – which was nominated for two Latin Grammy Awards in 2014; and the Latin Grammy Award for Best Engineered Sound, won by C4 Trío on the same year. These confirm the strength of Guataca as a platform that disseminates contemporary Venezuelan musical talent. This is the kind of talent that has both a broad base and a high impact on the professional development of artists who shape Venezuela’s avant-garde musical culture.

About Guataca

Guataca’s history began in 2010. Venezuelan master musician Aquiles Báez founded it with the goal of making his creation the first platform that would promote Venezuelan avant-garde musical talent throughout the world.

It operates in eight different cities: Caracas, Valencia, Puerto La Cruz, and Margarita, in Venezuela; New York, Miami, and San Francisco, in the USA; and Madrid and Barcelona, in Spain. The growth of Guataca’s international venues is the result of many artists’ concepts and projects of exceptional quality, which set the course of contemporary musical history.

The Venezuelan productions of such artists as the C4 Trío, César Orozco, Pancho Flores, Aquiles Báez, and Linda Briceño, are amongst Guataca’s most famous achievements.

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